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Posted by J Oosterom on Aug 10, 2020 5:15:01 PM
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Due to the increased demand for social distancing floor markers and related covid19 signage, we have created covid19signs.info for easy online ordering. We got some new PPE items in we are happy to share with you.

COVID-NewProduct Flyer 2

Please check our portfolio of custom printed masks, acrylic barriers, floor graphics, signage and sanitizer dispensers on Covid19signs.info. If you have custom requirements for graphics and/or dimensions, please let us know.


Covid19signs.info carries a great selection of Covid-19 PPE. Great prices, friendly service and fast delivery. Shop now for all your Covid-19 PPE needs.

Some things to consider when implementing your organisations Covid-19 strategy:

What is physical distancing?

Physical distancing, sometimes known as “social distancing”, is about keeping a safe distance from others. Physical distancing means remaining two metres away from other people. This is important to help protect us from COVID-19, which spreads via droplets from coughing and sneezing.
Staying two metres away from others is an effective measure.

General Working Arrangements

• Keep team sizes as small as possible.
• Keep a record of who is in each team every day as you may be
required to track back for contact tracing.
• Site teams are encouraged to put forward split/alternating shifts to
avoid extensive intermingling to reduce potential of exposure.
• Work site is to be segregated into zones (or by other methods) as
much as possible to keep different teams/trades physically separated
at all times.
• Where possible, apply a one-way system in high-traffic areas, such as
lifts, stairwells and scaffolds.
• Where practical, all office employees supporting a project work
• When using a vehicle, limit this to one person per vehicle if possible

Site Entry

• Limit visitors to site where ever possible.
• Introduce staggered start and finish times where possible to reduce congestion and contact.
• Monitor site access points to enable physical distancing – you may need to change the number of access points, increase to reduce congestion or decrease to enable monitoring.
• Where entry systems that require skin contact e.g. fingerprint scanners are used, a guide must be followed.
• Require all workers to wash or clean their hands before entering and leaving the site.
• Allow plenty of space (two metres) between people waiting to enter site.
• Regularly clean common contact surfaces in reception, office, access control and delivery areas e.g. scanners, turnstiles, screens, telephone handsets, desks, particularly during peak flow times.
• Where possible, conduct a remote induction before arrival on site, this can be done via video conferencing or by phone. If an in-person induction is required, reduce number of people and hold them outdoors wherever possible.

Site Meetings

• Only absolutely necessary meeting participants should attend.
• Attendees should be two metres apart from each other
• Rooms should be well ventilated / windows opened to allow fresh air circulation.
• Hold meetings in open areas where possible.
• Meetings are to be held through teleconferencing or videoconferencing where possible.

Hand Washing

• Provide additional hand washing facilities to the usual welfare facilities on large, spread out sites or significant numbers of personnel on site.
• Ensure soap and fresh water is readily available and kept topped up at all times.
• Provide hand sanitizer where hand washing facilities are unavailable.
• Regularly clean the hand washing facilities and check soap and sanitizer levels.
• Sites will need extra supplies of soap, hand sanitizer and paper towels and these should be securely stored.

Please contact one of our TallMan.Promo representatives for any additional questions about our products.


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